Modern Pet Portraiture in Los Angeles
Sleep Well, Faithful Ones
Friday, December 06, 2019
Morocco and the Animals I Encountered There

If I've had a theme this past month, it's the number of clients and potential clients who are losing their beloved dogs.In September, I photographed Riley, an absolutely gorgeous Sheltie. It was on a sweltering day, more than 95 degrees near sunset. His owner Carol was about to have surgery for back problems and couldn't walk so well. Her son Kevin, who originally contacted me, was very patient and cautious with both Riley and his mother. We took many images of Riley and different ones of the trio together.We got a lot of good images in a shorter session because it was so hot, and Carol had her surgery. When I next saw them to show them their images, Carol was like a different woman. The ...

Update on Dog Noir, the Unique Pet Photography Session
Monday, October 21, 2019
Morocco and the Animals I Encountered There

L.A. -- the seething, sexy capital of noirThat's what the Los Angeles Times calls our City of Angels and I couldn't agree more. My Dog Noir is one of the most unique things you can do with your pet. Los Angeles Magazine recognized it and wrote "'Dog Noir' Combines Moody Vintage Cinema and Extremely Cute Pets." That article led to the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival asking me to display my Dog Noir portraits at the upcoming festival Oct. 23-27 on the mezzanine level at Regal Cinemas 14 lounge. Nice surprise! That's at L.A. Live, 1000 W. Olympic Blvd. And so starting Wednesday, that's where they'll be. Why not stop by, watch a movie or two, and check out Dog Noir? And, for a ...

Pizza Party for Dogs!
Friday, September 20, 2019
Morocco and the Animals I Encountered There

On September 28, we're throwing our Pizza Party for Dogs at Kriser's Natural Pet in Studio City! We've booked 22 sessions throughout the afternoon and the $39 session fee goes to benefit DR Doghouse Pitbull Rescue.After our five years worth of dogs-eating-ice cream, we've started thinking about dogs-eating-pizza photo shoot since last year but wanted to get "Dogs Vs. Ice Cream" out into the world first. Our launch date for the book was August 1 and we spent some time at signings. And then... we needed something new and fun to do and the pizza idea came to fruition.I amassed the props... brick backdrop (I had to think really long and hard about what kind of background our fake pizzeria ...

A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Morocco and the Animals I Encountered There

A really fun type of photo shoot is exploring different parts of the city with the owners and their dogs and my session with Eddy and Phoebe was a particularly enjoyable one. We started at NoMad in downtown Los Angeles. Except for a few shots in the bar, in which I believe Phoebe, the golden doodle was a little under age, we couldn't use flash in the rest of the hotel though we were allowed to shoot. And even though it was bright daylight outside, it was dark inside which made it more challenging without the extra lighting.Eddy ordered a Manhattan for himself and Phoebe stuck to water... once we photographed the bar area, we went to the seating area in front of the restaurant, then went ...

Ice Cream Social for Dogs: Big Love Animal Rescue Edition
Monday, July 29, 2019
Morocco and the Animals I Encountered There

We had an incredible time at our latest Ice Cream Social for Dogs at Kriser's Natural Pet in Studio City on National Ice Cream Day, July 21! This photo shoot benefited Big Love Animal Rescue, the rescue started by Lisa Arturo who has been saving dogs for years. We donated all of the session fees to Big Love to help pay for their veterinarian bills and we were able to present Lisa with a check for $805! Now that felt good!We sold out twice, extending the social well after 4:30 and taking a few walk-ins. Happy to do another Ice Cream Social for Dogs soon!As usual, we had several owners say it was their dog's best day ever! It's always a lot of fun with these shoots, seeing how they react ...