Where can your imagination take your pet?

To the skies? The fields? The wide open road? Whatever whimsy you can conjure up for your beloved pet, I can create for you. Digital art, or what's called composite photography, is your library card for your dog or cat's story.

And you? Yes, you're the different one. You want something no one else has. These truly custom pet photography images are either photographed on a set we create or composited together using various elements of multiple photographs, objects and backgrounds. We plan your very special session in the ways you might see your pet in a story of your choosing. These sessions are very bespoke. They are one-of-a-kind and only you will have this digital art.

Prices begin at $1095 and include the session, the behind-the-scenes post-processing, a 30x20 image in your choice of canvas, metal, or fine art paper prints, a digital file, and 25 5x7 flat cards with envelops. Props and rentals are charged at market price. Bragging rights are free.

This is pet photography like no other and only we offer it to you in Los Angeles.

What story can your pet tell?