Modern Pet Portraiture in Los Angeles
Photo Compositing in Pet Photography
Friday, May 11, 2018
Photo Compositing in Pet Photography

Quite often when I say I do pet photography composites I'm met with a blank stare. It's just simply that a lot of people don't really know what a composite is. What seems like such a natural word in my world may as well be another language to someone else. So I'm going to break it down a bit.In general, with compositing, you are creating a scene with with at least two elements that weren't photographed together. Now the end results can be for different things. Say I did a pet photography shoot with three dogs. Two are looking at the camera, one isn't. Or there is a family of a large number of animals but it's pretty difficult to wrangle them all together. In this case, I can swap out heads ...

We Were Voted Best Pet Photographer in Los Angeles Again!
Monday, May 07, 2018
Photo Compositing in Pet Photography

We were honored by our clients and friends with their votes for the Los Angeles' Hot List Best Pet Photographer for 2018! It's our second consecutive win, though the last time they had the contest was in 2014.Now I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's a popularity contest. I get it. I rallied the most votes. But those are the rules and that's what we go by. There is no committee analyzing Los Angeles' pet photography by quality or by sales or any other measurable criteria except who gets the most votes. And I've also said this before... I stand by my pet photography work. I love my clients and their owners (see what I did there?) and the privilege I have in photographing them.Of ...

Golden Boys for a Grand Home
Saturday, April 14, 2018
Photo Compositing in Pet Photography

I'm in Africa right now (I know! Hopefully, I'll have lots of animals to show you when I get back) but I wanted you to see these two cuties, Cooper and Cody, a pair of golden boys if ever there was one. Their human grandmother gifted their fathers with this shoot. Their dads were going to move into this house two weeks from our session and they wanted it to be done there since, obviously, they were just about to move in.The house is spectacular with all kind of woods in the interior. It is just so grand, a really old part of Los Angeles, and just oozes charm. It looks like it could have been the location of any number of movies and it turns out it has been. A celebrity house.Once everyone ...

Now Offering Pet Photography Gift Certificates Online
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Photo Compositing in Pet Photography

I wouldn't say I went kicking and screaming into automating my gift certificates... I would say I had to find the right way to do it and I think I found it. I just started offering gift certificates you can literally buy from a link on this site. Hey, getting smart in my old age.Gift certificates start at $350 and that enables your recipient to get their pet photography session and their choice their choice of $100 off the purchase of wall art or an album, or two 8x10s, or one 11x14. Pretty good, it gives them options (by the way, I don't sell GCs unless they include a product because there's nothing worse than getting a gift and finding out your holding the bag on all purchases). Have you ...

Gorgeous Georgie
Saturday, April 07, 2018
Photo Compositing in Pet Photography

What word do you overuse?Me? Probably gorgeous. But when you see a beautiful frosty face like Georgie's, what word are you supposed to use? Right?Georgie's dad Oliver received a gift certificate from good friends. Oliver travels a lot so it was hard pinning down a date for our session for his miniature English bulldog. But Georgie is getting up in years and Oliver just decided not to postpone the shoot any longer. If anything happened, he would regret it no end.And so we had our shoot right in front of the ocean in Santa Monica. We didn't use the ocean as a backdrop but we had a stretch of park with green grass we could use. And then we repaired to Oliver's apartment to finish our photo ...