Introducing Dog Noir
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Sunday, April 21, 2019
By Diana Lundin
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It’s dusk in Los Angeles. Palm trees black against a cobalt sky. Horizon glowing like a cigarette’s lit end. You and your dog as restless as the Santa Anas. You want to hit L.A.’s gritty streets to sniff up something new.

Here it is . . . Dog Noir – an uncommon photo shoot.

Transform into a film-noir character – gumshoe, damsel in distress, gangster, gun moll, femme fatale – and head with your dog to an iconic L.A. film-noir location. Does it look like a 1940s, black & white movie still starring you and your dog? That’s the point, baby.

Oh, I've been busy behind the scenes and I'm finally ready to introduce my latest project! It's called Dog Noir and it's a photography experience -- not just a shoot -- for people and their pets. It's based on film noir... the idea is that each image looks as if it could have been pulled as a still from a classic film noir movie. And yet it's something for you and your dogs, cats, birds or even horse! And it's only by me in Los Angeles, the first of its kind ever. It's so original, I've even trademarked it!

Whatever film noir archetype you want to see yourself as, clothes from the 1940s and '50s help you make your character. I have a big collection of women's hats, men's fedoras, coats, jackets, ties and other props to help you "act" in your shoot. Your dog? No clothes, just a leather collar or leash is costume enough.

We have a huge list of locations and we start at dusk if your shoot is outdoors. Want to step it up a notch? We'll get permits to shoot at the most exclusive film noir locations.

I've shown Dog Noir on Facebook and it was met with an incredible reaction and I'm sure if you are a film buff and dog lover, this could be right up your alley. Literally. In fact, one of the Dog Noir images has already won second place in the 2019 Animal Image Makers image competition in the Animals and their Humans category, pretty surprising since it's not a typical person and dog smiling together.

And once I have enough images, I hope to publish the collection as a coffee table book.

Want in? It's easy. Write me at or call 818.481.5214 and let's talk about customizing your Dog Noir shoot, Los Angeles' most original pet photography session!




Dog Noir, the Video

Watch this short video on my new Dog Noir to get a sense of the images created. They are mysterious... atmospheric... and cinematic. Best of all, it's a unique photography shoot you can participate in with your dog when the sun goes down here in the City of Angels.

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