A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
By Diana Lundin
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A really fun type of photo shoot is exploring different parts of the city with the owners and their dogs and my session with Eddy and Phoebe was a particularly enjoyable one. We started at NoMad in downtown Los Angeles. Except for a few shots in the bar, in which I believe Phoebe, the golden doodle was a little under age, we couldn't use flash in the rest of the hotel though we were allowed to shoot. And even though it was bright daylight outside, it was dark inside which made it more challenging without the extra lighting.

Eddy ordered a Manhattan for himself and Phoebe stuck to water... once we photographed the bar area, we went to the seating area in front of the restaurant, then went into the cafe where Eddy ordered two shots of espresso, though Phoebe barely touched hers. The cafe was really pretty with red blown glass chandeliers. Phoebe and Eddy were whispering conspiratorially and I couldn't hear what they were talking about, though Phoebe showered him with kisses. I felt like a third wheel.

We moved onto the street in search of rooftop bar. We did a few photos of Eddy and Phoebe walking in front of Bottega Louis, then on to the dog friendly rooftop patio of the Freehand Hotel. There, we ordered cocktails for three and a small bite of lunch. The sun was ferociously bright and the umbrellas were red, which reflect on to fur and flesh, so we couldn't really have a decent shoot up there. Close to sunset would have been ideal.

On our way back to our starting point, we found the Golden Gopher, which beckoned us with its lights. What can we say, we were suckers for a black tiled exterior and red neon. Not quite a Dog Noir shoot but definitely a contender in the future.

So our shoot yielded dozens of photos and we spent a nice time in each others' company. It was so scenic that I succumbed to the temptation of toning them a bit more than I usually do.

Like I say, these are fun shoots when you can just wander around and see where you can put you, your dog, and me. The Arts District is a great place, too, as is the Santa Monica Pier, Venice and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others. Where do you like to wander?

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