Lawdy, What a Busy Week!
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
By Diana Lundin
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I just had the most fun week where we managed to photograph I think 11 dogs over five days of shooting. It was just so great, starting at the Jesus Wall Studio on Sunday with two clients we booked for those sessions... it included a tortoise! Then we had one of our Grammy bag recipients give us a call and we created an Eeyore-inspired composite for her differently abled dog named Eeyore. You know, Eeyore floating through the air attached to a red balloon? That one. And we photographed brother Roo as well.

Next we were on to a Mother's Day gift card... this one had three dogs... a Greyhound, an Italian Greyhound, and a Pomeranian. We got great images of Bentley, Shadow and Baby individually but the trio together wasn't having it. Fortunately, Photoshop could do the trick and I combined three images to make one.

Our next doggo was Lincoln, a 9-month-old Australian shepherd. His mom is a college administrator so off we went to the college and got huge variety there. Lincoln was outstanding.

And then we had one more to do on Saturday. A very handsome gentleman and Thief and Ripper, his two Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers... tollers, for short. And they had a guest with them, a golden retriever named Emma that we also photographed.

OK, I'm math-challenged but I think that comes out to 11 dogs. And one tortoise.

Here you go, here's my fun, fun, fun week!


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