Phoebe Lost at Sea on Exhibit at Bergamot Station
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017
By Diana Lundin
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So I am a longtime member of the Los Angeles Center of Photography where back in the day I took a lot of classes, particularly when it was the Julia Dean Photography Workshops. There, yours truly took many classes in lighting, both strobe and flash, and headshots, among others. These classes laid the foundation for the mild-mannered pet photographer I am today.

The LACP has exhibitions annually for its members. You know, I thought it was maybe 50-75 photographers, not very competitive, but boy, was I ever wrong.

I entered the fourth annual exhibition with five of my composites that you see on this site: Phoebe, the Frenchie, adrift; the Library; the Birth of Luna; the Aviator; and Kiwi Rescued at Sea.

Paula Tognarelli, the executive director of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts, was the juror for the entries. Surprisingly, Phoebe made it to the actual show at the dnj Gallery at the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica while the library made it into the virtual show.

Let me tell you why it's amazing or at least amazing to me. There were 1300 entries. 1300! And only 51 photographs from 45 photographers made it into the gallery show. And only 55 images made it to the online gallery.

The opening was July 15... sorry I didn't get this out earlier but the exhibit will be on display through August 26. Check it out and ask yourself, does Phoebe belong here?

Can't make the drive? check out the online galleries and see it as Paula Tognarelli intended it to be seen.

Selected Exhibiting Artists at dnj Gallery - LACP's Fourth Annual Members' Exhibition - 2017 

Selected Virtual Gallery Artists - LACP's Fourth Annual Members' Exhibition - 2017

Also, to see all the latest photography composites I create, please check out my new website, The Secret World of Pets.

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