OMG, Look at Bailey, a Gorgeous Shar Pei
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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
By Diana Lundin
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pet photographerThis dog... I can't even... she is just too much. Look at this face! Just look at it! She's this taupe colored shar pei (is taupe even a color for dogs?), somewhere between gray and brown. And she has a little face like a rhino. She's 7 and lives with her parents, Natalie and Jon, and brother Winston, a shar pei/boxer mix (mostly boxer, if you just look at him).

We had a pet photography session back in February, a surprise birthday present from Natalie to her husband Jon. They are just the funnest couple, they really are. They wondered if their dog obsession was bordering on lunacy. Of course not! Never enough obsession! This post I'm just featuring Bailey because Winston is having a special moment coming up in a few weeks. He is going to be a model in a very dramatic shoot that hasn't been done yet but Jon has volunteered him for it.

Now just so you know, our pet photography session consisted of Bailey, Winston and Jon and Natalie... it wasn't Bailey only. You can see, I'm posting their video slideshow at the end. It was really a great shoot. We had Bailey and Winston posed together and separately on a chair in the bedroom; on the bed; with Natalie and Jon; outside in their exquisite garden; on lounge chairs eating peanut butter. It was really fun with these four.

But there is just something about Bailey's adorable face after tasting peanut butter for the first time (I use peanut butter for dogs... no added sugar or other stuff).

Look at this dog's face! Is it too much? I can't stand it, she is just so cute. Love, love, love Bailey. Don't you, too?

Interested in your own pet photography session? I'm Diana Lundin and I want to be your pet photographer. I'm in Los Angeles. Give me a call at 818.481.5214 and let's set up your photo shoot!


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