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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
By Diana Lundin
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I wouldn't say I went kicking and screaming into automating my gift certificates... I would say I had to find the right way to do it and I think I found it. I just started offering gift certificates you can literally buy from a link on this site. Hey, getting smart in my old age.

Gift certificates start at $350 and that enables your recipient to get their pet photography session and their choice their choice of $100 off the purchase of wall art or an album, or two 8x10s, or one 11x14. Pretty good, it gives them options (by the way, I don't sell GCs unless they include a product because there's nothing worse than getting a gift and finding out your holding the bag on all purchases).

Have you already had your shoot? Buy a GC and you can get $350 off of your products. Now why does that sound like a good deal? Because anyway you slice it, you can take $100 off of that $350 just by being readers of this blog and putting in the promo code: BESTGIFT Just click here for your gift certificate. Yes, get $350 of Modern Pet Portraiture merch for just $250. That's solid.

Not sure how long I'll be running that deal but take advantage of it at least until the end of April, my friends.

If you leave this page and don't click on the link, you can always find it again by going under the information tab and voila!, you'll see gift certificates.

Thanks for being here!! Enjoy the secret perk.

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