Nora in the Lush, Lush Hills
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019
By Diana Lundin
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Avid readers of my blog (hee hee -- there are no avid readers) have heard about my sister Denise. Well, she was just in L.A. this month and helped me on a very special photo shoot. It was for her step-daughter Kate, her boyfriend Clayton, and their dog Nora, all residents of Los Angeles. She gifted them a pet photography shoot by me and on a clear but partly cloudy day, after rivers of rain, we stepped out to the western edge of Los Angeles County.

First of all, Kate and Clayton are quite an attractive couple but you add on Nora and you have quite a trio. The landscape was perfect. Big boulders, blue sky with puffy clouds, and green grass peeking out from among the rocks. In short, quite a rare day in Los Angeles. I mean, you hardly ever have clouds in the sky, let alone green grasses.

We put Nora on the big boulders, under a tree trunk arch, on the path, running through the hills. She posed quite majestically, too, but had a lot of fun, as her smile attests.

Anyway, here in February, I present Nora.

Hit me up while it's still green out there or get on the waiting list for the big flower bloom I just know we're going to have this season! Give me a call, 818.481.5214, and we'll get you taken care of.

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