Golden Boys for a Grand Home
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Saturday, April 14, 2018
By Diana Lundin
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I'm in Africa right now (I know! Hopefully, I'll have lots of animals to show you when I get back) but I wanted you to see these two cuties, Cooper and Cody, a pair of golden boys if ever there was one. Their human grandmother gifted their fathers with this shoot. Their dads were going to move into this house two weeks from our session and they wanted it to be done there since, obviously, they were just about to move in.

The house is spectacular with all kind of woods in the interior. It is just so grand, a really old part of Los Angeles, and just oozes charm. It looks like it could have been the location of any number of movies and it turns out it has been. A celebrity house.

Once everyone settles in, they'll have a lot of selections to make of these golden retriever beauties.

In the meantime, I'm a bit partial to this one.

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