Drinking Soda by the Ocean
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018
By Diana Lundin
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I met Soda, the Wheaten terrier, and her parents John and Clare yesterday at the Huntington Dog Beach. For as much coastline as we have in southern California, it sure is kind of a shame that we only have three dog beaches. But I digress. Soda is 9-years-old and all through her life, her parents took her to the dog beach at least once a week. She's older now and only goes about once a month. And she has arthritis so when she comes back from the beach now, she needs a couple of doggy aspirin.

She sure wanted to get in that water, though! Here it was, the first day of April, and Soda is really one of the few dogs out there in the sea. It was an overcast day so I was a little fearful of her getting a chill but her dad says, like Elsa, the cold never bothered her anyway.

John is from Ireland and he said his dad helped them name her. Wheaten... wheat... Irish soda bread... Soda. So the first thing in my mind was that she was the color of cream soda but no, it's soda bread.

Soda loved chasing her disc and if you see her photos, you can see it covers her eyes even when she runs. She was just hilarious. We had a nice hillside with some wildflowers to pose her against and as we walked up the drive to the parking lot, we put her in the iconic California ice plants.

As I mentioned, it was overcast but it wasn't that really thick, gray cloud cover we've had the last three weeks. It's nature's soft box. Soft light, no harsh shadows. Very complimentary to Soda's buff-colored fur.

And why did I call the video Soda by the Ocean? I used DNCE's hit from a few years ago, "Cake by the Ocean," for the soundtrack. Yeah, almost every pet photography shoot gets a video along with the shoot! Woo!

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