Another Cat Calendar
Friday, November 23, 2018
By Diana Lundin
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It's been four years since I last did my all-cat calendar but we have another one for 2019! But it's a personal calendar, one designed for cat brothers Vincent and Winston. Their mom Monica had outfits for every month for them. These boys were great. Well, Vincent didn't love outfits... he usually only had one expression... but he put up with it, which, truth be told, kind of astonished me. As the caretaker of my two cat boys, they don't like to dress up that much. Well, not at all. But these guys went through all 12 months.

I would photograph one of them first, usually Winston, the gray boy, and then Vincent. And in Photoshop I would put the two of them together in appropriate settings. I thought it would be near impossible to do the two of them together but it worked out great doing the two of them.

It only took three hours, too, which may sound like a lot but was actually pretty short for what we accomplished. The photo shoot was against a white background so they could be cut out of the background more easily.

And so I present you the 12 months of Vincent and Winston.

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