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I'm a Bronze Medalist!
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
I'm a Bronze Medalist!

I'm a member of the Professional Photographers of America organization, which annually holds an International Print Competition. For the past two years, I've been entering and it's tough. Last year, one of my images went "Loan," the highest category but the other three in my case went zippity doo-dah. This year four out of four images in my case earned a merit, which made me a bronze medalist. Here's the press release from the PPA.Los Angeles Photographer Named Bronze Medalist at International Photographic Competition Diana Lundin of Modern Pet Portraiture is honored by peers and jurors for high-quality photography.(Los Angeles, CA) – Diana Lundin of Modern Pet Portraiture ...

Hobo Joe's First Kitty Photo Shoot
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
I'm a Bronze Medalist!

So my client Lizzie fosters kittens. She has fostered a lot of them, giving them a great shot at life. But she just had a foster fail. Hobo Joe, the smoky gray kitten. Something about Hobo Joe melted Lizzie and her husband Ryan's heart and before you could say "meow," Hobo Joe was theirs. They had two cats but one recently passed away so they had a permanent vacancy in the household.We had a great kitten shoot. Hobo Joe was just so tiny. He was only six or seven weeks old when we had his photography session. And you know kittens... so adorable.For me as a pet photographer, my hierarchy in terms of photographing dogs and cats is: 1) dogs are easiest 2) kittens are next easiest 3) then cats ...

Dexter, Cover Boy
Wednesday, June 07, 2017
I'm a Bronze Medalist!

I am not always great about blogging individual sessions so this one is a few months old. No, not stale, I just neglected to put it up! This beautiful golden retriever is Dexter. His mom Bethany was looking for a photo shoot to put his beautiful image on the cover of the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue's calendar.We met at Kenneth Hahn State Park in Culver City. Now what is so great about this huge park is that there are lots of gorgeous areas to shoot in including one area with the skyline of downtown L.A. in the background and one where you see the buildings of Century City. It just depends on where you go in the park, it's hard to get both skylines in one sunset ...

A Magnificent Trio
Thursday, April 27, 2017
I'm a Bronze Medalist!

I got the inquiry from my potential client about photographing her and her husband's sweet puppy before she gets too much older. A black and white Cocker Spaniel mix. And at some point in the future, she'd probably want to have the two cats photographed as well. (Sound of record screeching!) Wait, we can do the cats at the same time! It will save you money! And thus began the shoot of Piper, the puppy, and the two cats, Monkey and Cooper.And how we did it? Remember the new backdrops and the Vanity Fair style shoot? Yep, that's exactly what we did with the industrial stool.Now Monkey came with a warning. Maybe a little too shy. He was hanging out in the "catio" when I arrived. So we ...

The Birth of Luna -- A Composite
Monday, January 23, 2017
I'm a Bronze Medalist!

You know the Birth of Venus, right? That gorgeous Botticelli masterpiece depicting Venus emerging from the sea to ride to the shore on a shell, blown by the zephyrs and clothed in finery? I was lucky enough to see it in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence quite a few years ago and it left a lasting impression. Botticelli, you have a future in art, I think! Don't let them tell you otherwise!Well, I'm between pet shoots right now, just working on some corporate and acting headshots, and I got to missing my animals. I thought of lovely Luna, the border collie mix I adore and who has been the subject of so many of my practice composites. Now I won an award for the photo I was thinking of so Luna had ...