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A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

A really fun type of photo shoot is exploring different parts of the city with the owners and their dogs and my session with Eddy and Phoebe was a particularly enjoyable one. We started at NoMad in downtown Los Angeles. Except for a few shots in the bar, in which I believe Phoebe, the golden doodle was a little under age, we couldn't use flash in the rest of the hotel though we were allowed to shoot. And even though it was bright daylight outside, it was dark inside which made it more challenging without the extra lighting.Eddy ordered a Manhattan for himself and Phoebe stuck to water... once we photographed the bar area, we went to the seating area in front of the restaurant, then went ...

Whine and Rosé Photo Shoot
Friday, June 14, 2019
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

Wow, what a fabulous time we had last Saturday at our Days of Whine and Rosés event at a downtown Los Angeles photo studio! It was so much fun with expert sommelier Brianne Cohen pouring a number of specially curated rosés and me photographing dogs in a rosé-themed setting. And pink bubbly all day!This is what I hope to do for you guys... design a fun activity that you can do with your dogs AND get a photo shoot out of it. Right?!? So let me know if you have some ideas (I have a lot) or you can subscribe to my newsletter for details of when I throw another one.Oh wait, before I say more about the Whine and Rosé event, did you know that Yelp now includes a feature ...

Pets and People Workshop in Downtown Los Angeles
Monday, April 10, 2017
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

I always like photographing people and their pets. I actually call it Creatures and Their People. And I like learning, especially with a group of talented pet photographers and that's exactly what I got when I signed up for Kristie Lee's Pets and People Workshop in downtown Los Angeles. Well, not only DTLA but in portrait photographer extraordinaire Sue Bryce's studio. Sue was off doing her own workshop in Italy and Kristie ran the workshop from the temporarily vacated studio. What Sue left behind, though, besides a loft filled with gorgeous natural light, was her precious dog Cookie Bryce.If you're familiar with Sue Bryce, you're familiar Cookie, too. Cookie is Sue's black pug and she is ...

Pussy and Pooch Howloween Pawty
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

Had a great shoot last night at downtown L.A.'s Pussy and Pooch Howloween Pawty at the Unique Space. We had a little set of some kinda creepy things and took photos of the dogs dressed up in their Halloween costumes.What, you missed out on it? Check out Pussy and Pooch's Beverly Hills party from 7 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29 at its gorgeous space. For now, please meet Athena as a wizard, Biggie as a small fish in a big pond, and Griffin as a witch. There were so many creative costumes there, how can anyone even pick a winner?

My New Pet Photography Postcards
Thursday, July 23, 2015
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

Back from a trip to Arizona, hated to neglect my blog! So I raced home yesterday (raced being not quite the operative word since a bridge closure added an extra two hours on an already 10-hour drive) because I did not want to miss Moo's 25 percent off sale to get new pet photography marketing material. I loaded everything onto a portable hard drive so I could take it to Arizona with me to design it, packed up my computer, then... forgot the hard drive. But hey 25 percent off sales are what I live for when it comes to my marketing so I had to get back in enough time to design my new material.My pet photography has been taking different twists and turns lately and it's hard to convey ...