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Pizza Party for Dogs!
Friday, September 20, 2019
Pizza Party for Dogs!

On September 28, we're throwing our Pizza Party for Dogs at Kriser's Natural Pet in Studio City! We've booked 22 sessions throughout the afternoon and the $39 session fee goes to benefit DR Doghouse Pitbull Rescue.After our five years worth of dogs-eating-ice cream, we've started thinking about dogs-eating-pizza photo shoot since last year but wanted to get "Dogs Vs. Ice Cream" out into the world first. Our launch date for the book was August 1 and we spent some time at signings. And then... we needed something new and fun to do and the pizza idea came to fruition.I amassed the props... brick backdrop (I had to think really long and hard about what kind of background our fake pizzeria ...

Introducing Dog Noir
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Pizza Party for Dogs!

It’s dusk in Los Angeles. Palm trees black against a cobalt sky. Horizon glowing like a cigarette’s lit end. You and your dog as restless as the Santa Anas. You want to hit L.A.’s gritty streets to sniff up something new.Here it is . . . Dog Noir – an uncommon photo shoot.Transform into a film-noir character – gumshoe, damsel in distress, gangster, gun moll, femme fatale – and head with your dog to an iconic L.A. film-noir location. Does it look like a 1940s, black & white movie still starring you and your dog? That’s the point, baby.Oh, I've been busy behind the scenes and I'm finally ready to introduce my latest project! It's called Dog Noir ...

Gorgeous Georgie
Saturday, April 07, 2018
Pizza Party for Dogs!

What word do you overuse?Me? Probably gorgeous. But when you see a beautiful frosty face like Georgie's, what word are you supposed to use? Right?Georgie's dad Oliver received a gift certificate from good friends. Oliver travels a lot so it was hard pinning down a date for our session for his miniature English bulldog. But Georgie is getting up in years and Oliver just decided not to postpone the shoot any longer. If anything happened, he would regret it no end.And so we had our shoot right in front of the ocean in Santa Monica. We didn't use the ocean as a backdrop but we had a stretch of park with green grass we could use. And then we repaired to Oliver's apartment to finish our photo ...

A Romp in the Park with Sailor
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Pizza Party for Dogs!

This was a really fun session for me, I must admit. Dad Dino was the high bidder of a pet photography session with me and because we live close to each other we decided to meet at one of the gorgeous Los Angeles parks near us for a late afternoon with Sailor.Sailor is magnificent. We started off the session with her running. The sun was casting beautiful golden light and she just ran after the ball like a thoroughbred. We got several action sequences before moving on to some family portraits with Dino and his husband David. Now you never think you're going to need more light when the sun is pretty bright but that's usually exactly what you need so I set up one light to get a quick series. ...

New Backdrops for Vanity Fair Style Pet Portraits!
Friday, April 14, 2017
Pizza Party for Dogs!

You guys, you guys, you guys! I'm so excited, can you tell?! We just got in three new hand-painted canvas backdrops. What does that mean? Vanity Fair/Annie Leibovitz styled pet portraits!The colors are brown, blue and green and they are completely awesome. No, these are not your daddy's Old World Masters backdrops. These are very contemporary and make for extremely dramatic portraits. They really fit well in a styled shoot or a formal portrait. They are made by Gravity Backdrops and they came all the way from Serbia.Now, for this kind of look, I have photographed on gray or dark blue seamless paper and added on a texture and it kind of mimics it. But the seamless doesn't have the depth the ...