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The Birth of Luna -- A Composite
Monday, January 23, 2017
The Birth of Luna -- A Composite

You know the Birth of Venus, right? That gorgeous Botticelli masterpiece depicting Venus emerging from the sea to ride to the shore on a shell, blown by the zephyrs and clothed in finery? I was lucky enough to see it in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence quite a few years ago and it left a lasting impression. Botticelli, you have a future in art, I think! Don't let them tell you otherwise!Well, I'm between pet shoots right now, just working on some corporate and acting headshots, and I got to missing my animals. I thought of lovely Luna, the border collie mix I adore and who has been the subject of so many of my practice composites. Now I won an award for the photo I was thinking of so Luna had ...

Behind the Scenes of a Pet Photography Composite
Sunday, January 08, 2017
The Birth of Luna -- A Composite

DISCLAIMER: To be honest, just because I've been posting a lot of composites on the blog lately doesn't mean I like the regular pet photography sessions any less. I love them, I really do. I assure you, I love it. It's just when you have a chance to create something out of your own imagination in collaboration with a client, there's a certain magic that can happen.With that in mind, I wanted to show you a composite that a client wanted created for her company's holiday card. They are talent scouts and the previous year, we took the three of them against a gray backdrop and planted them in a jungle scene. Now because there were only people involved that year, I didn't post the image on my ...

Composite -- Kiwi at Sea -- Rescued!
Thursday, December 29, 2016
The Birth of Luna -- A Composite

My previous post of my composite image Phoebe at Sea met with a little flack, to tell you the truth. I know, some of it had to have been in jest, but I had a few people concerned that Phoebe wasn't going to make it out alive. That her kind of dog sort of sinks, not swims. She was too far from shore. She needed a rescue boat or a piece of the shore in view. She was from the Titanic. (Huh?)She was rescued, I tell you, rescued! Rescue dogs are rescued and Phoebe is a rescue dog!!! Originally from a bad breeder, she's now living the dream!Plus, it's a make believe image, I don't have to tell you that.So shortly on the heels of Phoebe at Sea, I created one with my cat Kiwi. Now I'm not playing ...

Another Photo Composite, Another Dog Lost at Sea
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
The Birth of Luna -- A Composite

Oh, it cracks me up every time I write this, which turns out is fairly often, but AVID readers of this blog -- get it... avid... we don't have any avid readers of this blog! -- know I love doing pet photography composite work. It's really fun because you can put a dog or a cat in a situation they would never be in. Then you put in the minute details to sell the whole of it. I did another one tonight based on the artist rafy A's Surreal Fantasy Manipulation Tutorial.Now for those avid readers, you might recall another pet photography composite I did back in March called Luna at Sea. I still love that one but it's completely different. Just go back and forth between the two of them, you'll ...

The First Rule of Fight Club...
Thursday, November 03, 2016
The Birth of Luna -- A Composite

I recently photographed four Savannah cats and a kitten for a client. There were four dogs involved, too, but we won't go there. It's not necessary to talk about them on a Savannah Fight Club post. The First Rule of Savannah Fight Club... you don't talk about dogs.Anyhow, Savannahs are a little wild, you know. They're a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat. They're gorgeous. Long legs, beautifully spotted fur. And they can be a little tough. As one of my friends says, cats play with feather toys. Savannahs destroy them.The whole shoot was on gray seamless paper. To get their attention, we brought out a few feathered toys. The Savannahs liked that. So we ended up getting a lot ...