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A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

A really fun type of photo shoot is exploring different parts of the city with the owners and their dogs and my session with Eddy and Phoebe was a particularly enjoyable one. We started at NoMad in downtown Los Angeles. Except for a few shots in the bar, in which I believe Phoebe, the golden doodle was a little under age, we couldn't use flash in the rest of the hotel though we were allowed to shoot. And even though it was bright daylight outside, it was dark inside which made it more challenging without the extra lighting.Eddy ordered a Manhattan for himself and Phoebe stuck to water... once we photographed the bar area, we went to the seating area in front of the restaurant, then went ...

Introducing Dog Noir
Sunday, April 21, 2019
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

It’s dusk in Los Angeles. Palm trees black against a cobalt sky. Horizon glowing like a cigarette’s lit end. You and your dog as restless as the Santa Anas. You want to hit L.A.’s gritty streets to sniff up something new.Here it is . . . Dog Noir – an uncommon photo shoot.Transform into a film-noir character – gumshoe, damsel in distress, gangster, gun moll, femme fatale – and head with your dog to an iconic L.A. film-noir location. Does it look like a 1940s, black & white movie still starring you and your dog? That’s the point, baby.Oh, I've been busy behind the scenes and I'm finally ready to introduce my latest project! It's called Dog Noir ...

Happy Halloween!
Saturday, October 27, 2018
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

It's been so long, my friends! A very, very busy month as I finished the book by the October 15 deadline, then began to fulfill other orders plus squeeze in a couple of really fun dog and cat photography shoots! But now it's near Halloween and I finally completed what I guess you would call a Halloween Storytelling image. Yes, it's my friend Luna, the border collie mix, who is one of my greatest muses because of how expressive she is.I don't know if you watch "The Handmaid's Tale" on Hulu but I love it. Well, love is a strong word. It's sometimes very hard to watch, especially the second season. It was pretty brutal but of course I was addicted to it and hooked my sister on it as well.For ...

The Birth of Luna -- A Composite
Monday, January 23, 2017
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

You know the Birth of Venus, right? That gorgeous Botticelli masterpiece depicting Venus emerging from the sea to ride to the shore on a shell, blown by the zephyrs and clothed in finery? I was lucky enough to see it in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence quite a few years ago and it left a lasting impression. Botticelli, you have a future in art, I think! Don't let them tell you otherwise!Well, I'm between pet shoots right now, just working on some corporate and acting headshots, and I got to missing my animals. I thought of lovely Luna, the border collie mix I adore and who has been the subject of so many of my practice composites. Now I won an award for the photo I was thinking of so Luna had ...

Behind the Scenes of a Pet Photography Composite
Sunday, January 08, 2017
A DTLA Pet Photography Shoot

DISCLAIMER: To be honest, just because I've been posting a lot of composites on the blog lately doesn't mean I like the regular pet photography sessions any less. I love them, I really do. I assure you, I love it. It's just when you have a chance to create something out of your own imagination in collaboration with a client, there's a certain magic that can happen.With that in mind, I wanted to show you a composite that a client wanted created for her company's holiday card. They are talent scouts and the previous year, we took the three of them against a gray backdrop and planted them in a jungle scene. Now because there were only people involved that year, I didn't post the image on my ...