It's Back, the 2019 Ice Cream Social for Dogs!

We are doing an Ice Cream Social for Dogs from 1 to 3 p.m. on July 21 at Kriser's Natural Pet in Studio City! And guess what? The $39 session goes directly to benefit Lisa Arturo's Big Love Animal Rescue! Lisa does street rescues and is a voice for animals that have no voice.

Lisa has jumped in sewers and rivers, crawled under houses and climbed through junkyards. She has slept in her car, stayed up all night, and has driven countless hours to find a stray dog lost in the night, hungry and afraid, and she would do it all over again to save a life. Her dedication and passion for helping animals in need and educating others is her life’s purpose.

“Everyone loves a happy ending and to watch each dog we rescue get a happy ending is euphoric. Honestly there is no better feeling," she says.

I've worked with Lisa on numerous occasions and I believe in her and want to help her rescue as much as possible.

The Ice Cream Social is $39 and includes two digital images ready to share on social media. Other kinds of artwork, such as prints, acrylic blocks, canvas wall art, cards, and albums may be ordered at the Ice Cream Social with special event pricing.

Click the button and register for your time slot! We expect the two hours will sell out quickly but we can open it longer if it all slots are filled. Oh, we've already opened up another hour! Hey, it's a Sunday... what could be better than taking your dog out for a cone, a photo shoot, and to help other doggies needing help!

See you there!

Kriser's Natural Pet
12507 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City CA 91604